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IT Specialist – System Integration


You are interested in logical connections, are familiar with current hardware and software and find programming languages exciting?
If you become an IT specialist with us, you can look forward to working in a wide range of areas.

If you decide to specialize in system integration, IT infrastructure will become your area of specialization. You will provide support in the analysis of customer requirements and find the technology that fits. You will combine the various hardware and software components to form complex systems. Administering the systems and training users will also be amongst the areas which you can look into further during your training.

Training content:

  • System architecture
  • Hardware and operating systems
  • Software applications
  • Installation and configuration
  • Analysis and design
  • Program development and documentation
  • Test procedures
  • System maintenance
  • Interface concepts
  • System configuration
  • Networks
  • System solutions
  • System development

Training period:

Three years, shorter periods may be possible under certain conditions

What you offer:

  • A good school leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss, 16+) with a 3 (C) grade minimum in English and math
  • You have good computer skills
  • You are interested in IT and technical interactions
  • You enjoy using IT
  • You have an outgoing personality

Are you passionate about your subject but just ran out of steam in your degree? If you are looking for something a little more practical, training at Fraunhofer could be the right decision for you, too, as you take a break from your studies.

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