Wilhelm Klauditz Fellowship

© Glenn C. Morrison

Third Wilhelm Klauditz Fellow Prof. Dr. Glenn C. Morrison

5th June, 2015

Professor Glenn C. Morrison dritter Wilhelm-Klauditz-Fellow

As the third Wilhelm Klauditz Fellow of the Fraunhofer WKI, Professor Glenn C. Morrison augmented the research in the “Material Analysis and Indoor Chemistry” department.

During his stay, Prof. Morrison addressed the influence of textiles, particularly clothing, on the dermal absorption of indoor air pollutants. With his help, a device was designed with which the distribution of organic indoor air components between gas phase and textiles can be determined. Furthermore, he initiated scientific collaborations between the Fraunhofer WKI and Danish research institutions on the topic of “dermal exposure and biomonitoring”.

Professor Morrison received his doctorate in 1999 at the University of California, Berkeley under William Nazaroff. Since 2001, he has been Full Professor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla. His scientific focus is directed at the chemical characterization of indoor air pollutants, exposure studies and building technology as well as chemical reactions in interior spaces on surfaces and in the gas phase. His work on the interaction of ozone with building products has gained particular attention.

Professor Morrison is a former president of the “International Society on Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ)” and an elected member of the “ISIAQ Academy of Fellows”. Topics of his lectures are the chemical and physical interactions of gaseous and particulate matter in interior spaces.


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