Technology for Wood and Natural Fiber-Based Materials

Research Project

Laminated wood-based materials in construction

Examination of the mechanical and hygric characteristics of laminated materials made from beech wood veneer in dependence on material and procedural influencing factors.

For the design of components made from laminated wood-based materials, mechanical properties are necessary which characterize the permissible stresses and strains. Until now, these have been defined for each material, as no universal relationships between the influencing parameters and the product characteristics exist. Based on studies of mechanical and hygric properties of laminated materials made from beech, we are developing a simpler procedure with the aim of widening the application of laminated wood-based materials in the construction sector.

The extensive effort necessary for the material-specific properties characterization hinders the wider application of laminated wood made from different types of wood in the construction sector. Although laminated wood made from combinations of differing wood types can be economically produced, it would only be deployable in subordinate areas due to the lack of statistically-proven mechanical and hygric characteristic values.

The mechanical and hygric properties of laminated wood-based materials are particularly dependent on the layer thickness (veneers) and the quantity of adhesive. These basic functional relationships are irrespective of the wood type; the strength properties and the rheological characteristics, however, are significantly influenced by the type of wood.

For our examinations, we primarily use beech as the wood raw material. Species-specific influences can therefore be excluded. The reliability of the results is consequently high. Findings which describe, for example, the effect of peeling cracks or the importance of veneer thicknesses may be transferable to laminated wood-based products made from other species and are verified through experiments with other hardwood species.


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