Application Center for Wood Fiber Research HOFZET®

Technical Equipment

2C injection molding machine

With the aid of the 2C injection molding machine, we are able to directly combine two different materials with differing properties in one process step. In this way, complex multifunctional materials can be produced which are, for example, simultaneously stiff and flexible in order to fulfil conflicting requirements. Furthermore, we are able to produce lightweight components made of fiber composites. With these so-called “organic sheets“ we, for example, support the automotive industry in developing doors and tailgates based on renewable resources.

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Amongst other things, the equipment contains a peel test specimen tool in accordance with VDI 2019, with variable wall thicknesses of between 0.5 - 6 mm in variothermal design. Through the variation of process parameters such as temperature and pressure, we are able to create ideal conditions for the realization of the greatest-possible adhesion of two different materials. For the process automation the 2C injection molding machine is equipped with a 6-axis jointed-arm robot.

The 2C injection molding machine is in our technical center in Hanover.


Technical data

  • Distance between tie bars: 720 x 720 mm
  • Closing force: 3200 kN
  • Injection unit: 800 (horizontal) / 170 (vertical)