Application Center for Wood Fiber Research HOFZET

Research projects

Here you will find details of selected research projects. Please contact us if you require more information concerning our project portfolio.


ProBio: bio-hybrid components

In this project, we are developing new forms of bio-hybrid-fiber-reinforced composites (bio-HFC) with the highest possible proportion of bio-based components, i.e. reinforcing fibers and/or plastic matrices. The project planning as well as the feasibility study of innovative process chains for the manufacture of these composite materials in large-scale production also form a focus of this project.   


3D printing optimization

On behalf of the company iGo3D, we address questions regarding the quality of commercial PLA filaments for 3D printing as well as the optimization possibilities for the print strategy. From this, we derive both quality standards for the filaments and recommendations for action for the company's customers.3D printing


Bioconcept car

Together with the racing team Four Motors from Reutlingen, the research team from the Fraunhofer HOFZET is adapting lightweight construction developments with renewable raw materials for a racing vehicle. In addition to Team Manager Thomas von Löwis of Menar, Smudo from the cult rap band “Fantastischen Vier” is also one of the drivers behind the wheel on the racetrack.


Recycling of polylactide

In the sub-project SustRecPLA of the research alliance "Sustainable Strategies for Recycling Products and Waste Materials from Biobased Plastics”, the Fraunhofer WKI and IVV are pursuing the adaptation of a solvent-based PLA recycling process with the aim of obtaining high-quality PLA recyclates from heterogeneous PLA-containing post-consumer waste.

Ecological evaluation of (bio) hybrid materials

The objective of this project is the development of suitable respective recycling and disposal concepts for the materials and material combinations produced within the scope of the Fraunhofer Project Centre in Wolfsburg, whilst simultaneously already taking the recycling aspect into account during the selection of the materials and the manufacturing processes.

Load-bearing, crash-relevant metal/fiber-reinforced plastic assembly for passenger cars

In collaboration with two further Fraunhofer Institutes as well as three institutes from the Technical University of Braunschweig, we are developing a load-bearing, crash-relevant metal/fiber-reinforced plastic assembly for application in automobiles. Within the scope of this project, the intelligent combination of different materials and production processes also enables us to demonstrate the lightweight construction potential for crash-relevant components.

Functionally integrated battery container

In collaboration with two further Fraunhofer Institutes and three institutes from the Technical University of Braunschweig, we are developing a functionally integrated battery container. This functions as a technology carrier and employs a multi-material construction method for which fiber-reinforced materials are combined with aluminum and highly porous structures made from aluminum.