Application Center for Wood Fiber Research HOFZET®

Research projects

Here you will find details of selected research projects. Please contact us if you require more information concerning our project portfolio.


Development of a future-oriented small load carrier

In our project, we are developing a new generation of small load carriers (SLC) by order of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Through the improvement of the material properties and adaptation of the design, we want to obtain a greater internal volume whilst retaining the outer dimensions, as well as achieving a reduction of the tare weight. 


Sustainable biohybrid lightweight construction for future-oriented mobility

Within the framework of the FNR funding program “Renewable Raw Materials”, we are working together with Porsche AG and the racing team Four Motors on the development of biogenic hybrid composites for the mobility sector.


Coating of natural fibers for engineering thermoplastics

Within the “DeFiCoat” project, we are conducting application-oriented research into the improvement of the thermal stability of natural fibers in order to enable their incorporation into engineering thermoplastics. Improved mechanical properties can thereby be achieved, as well as higher thermal stability and chemical resistance for natural fiber-reinforced plastics.


Increasing the long-term durability of bio-hybrid fiber-composite materials through plasma treatment

In our internal research project, we are working together with the APP of the Fraunhofer IST on the development of a procedure for the optimized plasma treatment of natural-fiber fabrics, in order to increase the long-term durability of bio-hybrid fiber-composite materials.


ProBio: bio-hybrid components

In this project, we are developing new forms of bio-hybrid-fiber-reinforced composites (bio-HFC) with the highest possible proportion of bio-based components, i.e. reinforcing fibers and/or plastic matrices. The project planning as well as the feasibility study of innovative process chains for the manufacture of these composite materials in large-scale production also form a focus of this project.   


3D printing optimization

On behalf of the company iGo3D, we address questions regarding the quality of commercial PLA filaments for 3D printing as well as the optimization possibilities for the print strategy. From this, we derive both quality standards for the filaments and recommendations for action for the company's customers.3D printing