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Research project

Optimization of quality and print strategies in 3D printing

On behalf of the company iGo3D, we address questions regarding the quality of commercial PLA filaments for 3D printing as well as the optimization possibilities for the print strategy. From this, we derive both quality standards for the filaments and recommendations for action for the company's customers.

3D-printing sticks
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3D-printing sticks


The recommendations for action which are to be drawn up include aspects of filament storage as these are influenced by, amongst other things, moisture, as well as possible countermeasures, a practicable process window and the recommendation for the printing strategies in dependence on the requirements stated by the customer, for example visual appearance and strength. During experiments, the filaments are exposed to various moisture scenarios and the resultant material and property alterations are determined. For the evaluation of the print strategy, test specimens undergo tensile and bending testing.

In this way, quality analysis by the company can be combined with customer-oriented troubleshooting with added value for both parties.

For the duration of the processing, the company has provided the HOFZET with a 3D printer Ultimaker 2.0. The iGo3D GmbH is considered to be Europe's leading distributor of 3D printers and accessories.

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