Surface Technology

Research topic


We develop binding agents for adhesives for wood and wood-based materials. Our focus is placed upon the synthesis of acrylate and polyurethane-based binders as well as their precursors. A further priority is the production of water-based dispersions and the application of bio-based source materials.

In adhesive development, we work closely together with our industrial customers in order to develop the most efficient solutions possible. We implement developments which are specific to their applications. If the solution to a problem cannot be found using commercially-available raw materials, we can synthesize customized binders under near-industrial conditions.

New developments are a focus of our work. Our particular expertise is the use of bio-based materials. We develop new, functional adhesives on the basis of renewable raw materials whose properties are comparable to conventional materials or which stand out due to their new properties. One example here is the increase in the organic content in dispersion adhesives through the utilization of methacrylated sugars, which are distinguished through their high glass transition temperatures. The development emphasis is placed upon PUR, PVAc, acrylate and silane-modified adhesives.

The analytical equipment allows not only the determination of the molar mass but also the analysis of the thermal and mechanical properties of the adhesives. In addition, an examination of the weather resistance is also possible.