Surface Technology

Research topic

Aging/weathering of paints

In addition to decorative aspects, the most important function of outdoor wood coatings is their protective effect against the influence of atmospheric factors such as sun, rain, hail, frost and microbial infestation. We develop methods for practicable prediction in which weather-induced aging is a core issue. Furthermore, we also offer standardized tests concerning natural and accelerated weathering.

For the assessment of the weathering resistance, we perform standardized natural weathering tests such as DIN EN 927-3 and artificial weathering tests such as DIN EN 927-6 and DIN EN ISO 4892-2.

The development of methods for the improved prediction of weather-induced paint aging constitutes a core theme in our research. We are hereby particularly interested in the temporal evolvement of the investigated changes in the properties of the coatings and their correlation to the weather-induced failure. Our primary focus is placed upon the examination of the viscoelastic changes in the paint layer. These findings help us to not only better describe the renovation intervals of existing coatings but also to significantly shorten the development cycles of new binders and external coatings.