Surface Technology

Research topic

Bio-based polymers

One priority of our research is the synthesis of bio-based polymers from sugars, vegetable oils or lignins. These can be used in wood, glass and plastic coatings as well as in adhesives. The focus is placed upon low-solvent and solvent-free binders and water-soluble dispersions.

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Synthesevorbereitung am Reaktor

Due to our expertise in the field of binder synthesis, we are able to examine the chemical structures of the monomers used in each respective case and use this information to deduce and configure the properties of the resultant polymers. This is of vital importance, particularly as regards the performance of the final product.

Furthermore, the resources provided by nature, such as sugar or vegetable oils, are not usable in most applications in their original form and must first be adapted to the respective requirements through chemical modifications. Due to our chemical expertise, we are able to specifically perform such reactions in our laboratories. We pursue an industry-related, application-oriented working approach and attach a great deal of importance to the technical and economic feasibility of our developments.

We have developed a comprehensive, analytic infrastructure. It allows us to carry out a detailed characterization, from the clarification of the chemical structure of the monomers and polymers through to the determination of the thermal and mechanical properties of the finished end products.