Surface Technology

Research topic

Damage analysis of coatings, bondings and wood preservatives; wood qualities

The quick and certain clarification of damage cases on coated woods, wood adhesives, wood-based materials and solid wood requires a combination of practical experience and specific scientific methodology. At the Fraunhofer WKI, special scientific and forensic methods for damage analyses are applied and continuously improved. Ongoing research, together with the participation on technical committees and in standardization bodies, provides us with the latest findings direct from the source. The experience gained through damage analyses serves as a basis for planning new research projects.

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Companies, courts and assessors therefore charge the Fraunhofer WKI with the analysis of damage cases for which no certain result can be expected with conventional standard methods. We are active both in Germany and internationally. 


Examples of international damage analyses

  • Brazil: Production processes in wood-based materials factories
  • China: Damage to coatings on furniture
  • Denmark: Yellowing of white coatings
  • England: Coating of wood cladding on a swimming pool
  • France: Splits in decorative papers
  • Ireland: Damage to veneer through fire-protection coating
  • Italy: Damage to HPL in a ship’s interior
  • Canada: Damage to room doors
  • Mozambique: Termite infestation in masts
  • Netherlands: Stains on moulded-wood furniture parts
  • Netherlands: Damage to plywood for truck floors
  • Poland: Paint damage on wooden windows
  • Saudi Arabia: Wooden spacer elements for high-voltage power lines
  • Switzerland: Discoloration of WPC
  • Spain: Stains on MDF
  • South Africa: Window coatings