Surface Technology


Here you will find current publications resulting from the research work carried out by our department. All publications made by the Fraunhofer WKI in trade journals and conference proceedings (since 1980) are recorded in the database “Fraunhofer-Publica”. Furthermore, all articles from a particular year are listed in our Annual Report.

Current publications of our department

2020A facile method to synthesize semicrystalline poly(ester amide)s from 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid, 1,10-decanediol, and crystallizable amido diols
Kluge, Marcel; Papadopoulos, Lazaros; Magaziotis, Andreas; Tzetzis, Dimitrios; Zamboulis, Alexandra; Bikiaris, Dimitrios; Robert, Tobias
2020First example of unsaturated poly(ester amide)s derived from itaconic acid and their application as bio-based UV-curing polymers
Ouhichi, Rim; Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Bougarech, Abdelkader; Abid, Souhir; Abid, Majdi; Robert, Tobias
2020Hydrophobic and bio-based
Friebel, Stefan; Seewald, Oliver; Traut, Manuel; Mukti, Rino Rakhmata
2020Molecular dynamics, crystallization and hydration study of Poly(Propylene succinate) based Poly(Ester amide)s
Klonos, Panagiotis; Kluge, Marcel; Robert, Tobias; Kyritsis, Apostolos; Bikiaris, Dimitrios
2020Optimized synthesis of highly reactive UV-curable hyperbranched polyester acrylates
Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Hashemi, Payam; Mischnick, Petra; Robert, Tobias
2020Poly(ester amide)s from poly(alkylene succinate)s and rapid crystallizing amido diols: Synthesis, thermal properties and crystallization behavior
Kluge, Marcel; Rennhofer, Harald; Lichtenegger, Helga C.; Liebner, Falk W.; Robert, Tobias
2020Selective synthesis of monoesters of itaconic acid with broad substrate scope: Biobased alternatives to acrylic acid?
Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Andreou, Eleni; Pereira Köster, Luis V.G.; Robert, Tobias
2020Straightforward synthetic protocol to bio-based unsaturated poly(ester amide)s from itaconic acid with thixotropic behavior
Papadopoulos, Lazaros; Kluge, Marcel; Bikiaris, Dimitrios; Robert, Tobias
2020Structural sandwich composites out of wood foam core and textile reinforced concrete sheets for versatile and sustainable use in the building industry
Bunzel, Frauke; Wisner, Gregor; Stammen, Elisabeth; Dilger, Klaus
20191,3-Propanediol and its application in bio-based polyesters for resin applications
Kluge, Marcel; Pérocheau Arnaud, Sacha; Robert, Tobias
2019Bio-based polyester itaconates as binder resins for UV-curing offset printing inks
Robert, Tobias; Eschig, Steven; Biemans, Toine; Scheifler, Frank
2019Enhancing the properties of poly(propylene succinate) by the incorporation of crystallizable symmetrical amido diols
Kluge, Marcel; Bikiaris, Dimitrios N.; Robert, Tobias
2019Entwicklung von nachhaltigen Sandwichelementen aus Holzschaum und Textilbeton - HoTeSa. Abschlussbericht: AZ: 10.08.1807-16.40; Laufzeit: 01.10.2016 bis 15.12.2018; Projektbericht im Rahmen der Förderinitiative "Zukunft Bau" der Bauforschung
Wisner, Gregor; Bunzel, Frauke; Stammen, Elisabeth; Dilger, Klaus
2019Future green chemistry and sustainability needs in polymeric coatings
Cunningham, Michael F.; Campbell, J. David; Fu, Zhenwen; Bohling, James; Leroux, J. Gary; Mabee, Warren; Robert, Tobias
2019Future opportunities for bio-based adhesives: Advantages beyond renewability
Heinrich, Lydia Alexandra
2019Holzschaum für Sandwich-Elemente im Bauwesen
Wisner, Gregor; Bunzel, Frauke; Stammen, Elisabeth; Dilger, Klaus
2019Hydrophobilization of furan-containing polyurethanes via Diels-Alder reaction with fatty maleimides
Schmidt, Phillipp; Eschig, Steven
2019An industrial applicable method for the synthesis of N‐alkylated maleimides based on fatty amines
Schmidt, Philipp; Eschig, Steven
2019Printing inks from renewable resources
Robert, Tobias
Aufsatz in Buch
2019Synthesis and performance of novel renewable polyurethane adhesives from chemically modified lignin
Heinrich, Lydia
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