Surface Technology

Research projects

Here you will find details of selected research projects. Please contact us if you require more information concerning our project portfolio.


Thinking Lignin Design

Many chemical products, such as paints, adhesives, plastics and synthetic fibers, are based on aromatic carbon compounds derived from crude oil, natural gas and coal. The vegetable raw material lignin presents a promising alternative and is created in huge quantities as a waste product within the paper industry. In cooperation with artists and designers we identify suitable application possibilities for lignin, develop prototypes and establish a communication strategy.


Innovative materials for UV-curing procedures in additive manufacturing

Together with our project partners, we develop materials for UV-curing additive manufacture with improved properties compared to existing materials.


Cracks in melamine resin surfaces

Melamine resin-impregnated papers are the dominant coating material for wood-based materials for indoor applications. In rare cases, cracks can occur on such surfaces - often weeks or months after delivery. We are identifying the significant parameters in order to achieve adequate crack resistance in melamine resin-impregnated papers and are thereby developing appropriate testing methods. 


UV-curing printing inks from renewable raw materials

UV-curing printing inks are currently predominantly based on petrochemical raw materials. We are developing innovative acrylate-free printing inks from renewable raw materials using itaconic acid as a UV-curing component.


Durable, water-based coatings for WPC

The aim of the project is to develop a solvent-free, water-based coating from wood-plastic composites (WPC) for façade sections. Whilst solvent-based coatings for plastics demonstrate good adhesive strength and good surface wetting, legal regulations such as the VOC Directive (1999) and the Decopaint Directive (2004) mean that they can be used less and less.