Surface Technology


Synthesis of monomers and polymers

  • Customized modification of renewable raw materials such as sugars, fatty acids and lignins
  • Polyesters, polyurethanes, alkyds, poly(meth)acrylates, sugar acrylates, polyitaconates, polyvinyl acetates, UV-crosslinking polymers
  • Dispersions


Development of coatings and printing inks

  • Coatings on the basis of renewable raw materials
  • Aqueous and solvent-containing coatings in accordance with Decopaint and VOC guidelines
  • Interior coatings, exterior coatings
  • UV-curable printing inks, thermoplastic screen-printing inks
  • Functional coatings (antimicrobial, hydrophobic, flame-retardant, adhesion to PE, PP)


Development of adhesives

  • Dispersion adhesives
  • Hotmelts / reactive hotmelts
  • 1 and 2-component PUR adhesives
  • UV-curable adhesives


Application, measurement and testing procedures

  • Coating laboratory with robot-assisted flow and spray application, roller coating
  • Natural weathering (45° and 90°) and artificial weathering (QUV, XENON)
  • Mechanical, chemical and physical measurement methods, incl. temperature-dependent stress-strain diagrams, DMA, FTIR microscopy, paint analysis, MFT, pendulum hardness
  • Product testing and monitoring
  • Development of new methods for the determination of paint aging
  • Committee work (CEN/TC 139/WG 2 and DIN NA 002-00-15 AA "Coatings for masonry")


Damage analyses

  • Analysis of defects in coatings, bondings, wood-based materials and solid wood
  • Application of microscopic, spectroscopic, mechanical and forensic methods
  • Clarification of claims for companies, courts and assessors


Use of recycling wood

  • Profitability analyses for biorefinery processes for the production of bio-based chemicals
  • Material flow analyses and LCA modeling for biorefinery processes