International Conference  /  11/14/2016  -  11/15/2016

Wood-Based Materials – Requirements and Certification in Europe, Russia and the USA

This year's International Symposium for Wood-Based Materials took place in Obninsk, Russia from 14th to 15th November, 2016.

The event was organized and substantively designed by the Fraunhofer WKI via the WKI | AKADEMIE® and Lessertika, the Russian Certification Center. The Symposium bore the title ”Wood-Based Materials - Requirements and Certification in Europe, Russia and the USA”. More than 70 participants from the wood-based materials industry, mainly from Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States, attended the Symposium. The employees of the Fraunhofer WKI contributed to the topics of ”CARB certification - requirements, correlations and tests in California”, ”CE marking of construction products” and the ”Preparation of declarations of performance”. Staff from Lessertika, the Russian Certification Center based in Balabanovo, Russia, provided information on the requirements for the certification of wood-based materials in Russia in accordance with GOST standards.

The complete program for the event comprised the following presentations:

  • CARB: General requirements – limit values, testing methods – determination of correlations (Maik Matolin, Fraunhofer WKI)
  • Requirements, procedure, preparation of manufacturers of wood-based materials for the certification of wood-based materials within the framework of the CARB regulation (Natalia Nutz, Fraunhofer WKI)
  • CE marking: legal significance, responsibilities, implementation (Elena Schartner, Fraunhofer WKI)
  • Type testing (ITT) in accordance with EN 13986 – Normative framework conditions, scope and result determination using the example plywood (Maik Matolin, Fraunhofer WKI)
  • Declaration of performance (DOP): preparation and publication (Elena Schartner, Fraunhofer WKI)
  • Special features of the methodology for the assessment of the formaldehyde release from and formaldehyde content of wood-based materials and plywood in accordance with international, European and interterritorial standards through gas analysis and the perforator method (Boris Ivanov, Lessertika)
  • Results from the research and development of methods for in-house production control for the determination of the phenol release from wood-based materials and plywood (Boris Ivanov, Lessertika)
  • Current situation and perspectives in the development of the production of wood-based panels in Russia (Aleksandr Shalapov, Doctor of Technical Sciences)
  • Problem-solving in the chemical safety of wood-based panels and plywood (Vitalij Strelkov, Doctor of Technical Sciences)
  • Eco-premium adhesives AkzoNobel - Adhesives of the new generation (Irina Sirota, AkzoNobel)
  • Concept for the standardization of the formaldehyde release and the classification of the migration of harmful, volatile chemical substances from wood-based panels, plywood and furniture (Vasilij Bardonov, Lessertika)
  • Express method for the determination of the release of formaldehyde from wood-based panels (Viktor Vasiljev, Doctor of Technical Sciences)
  • Systems and equipment for the determination of the formaldehyde release and other volatile chemical pollutants from wood-based panels, plywood and furniture (Sergej Tupikin)
  • The principle of the ecological quality of particle board on the basis of reactions of formaldehyde and ammonia in a process sequence at a given temperature (Adolf Leonovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences)

The fact that the content of the presentations was of great importance for the representatives of the wood-based materials industry was evident in the numerous questions asked during the presentations and following the Symposium. The participants made extensive use of the opportunity to make new contacts. Due to the extraordinarily positive feedback on the content of the two-day event, the organization team is planning a further symposium covering current topics.