Scientific Publications

All publications made by the Fraunhofer WKI in trade journals and conference proceedings (since 1980) are recorded in the database “Fraunhofer-Publica”. Furthermore, all articles from a particular year are listed in our Annual Report.

Current publications of the Fraunhofer WKI

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018Experimental and numerical characterization of the influence of a smoldering cellulosic substrate on a cigarette’s ignition propensity test
Guindos, P.; Patel, A.; Kolb, T.; Meinlschmidt, P.; Schlüter, F.; Plinke, B.
Journal Article
2018Flexural behavior of U-shape FRP profile-RC composite beams with inner GFRP tube confinement at concrete compression zone
Huang, L.; Zhang, C.; Yan, L.; Kasal, B.
Journal Article
2018Utilizing Miscanthus stalks as raw material for particleboards
Klimek, P.; Wimmer, R.; Meinlschmidt, P.; Kúdela, J.
Journal Article
2018Organic speciation of ambient quasi-ultrafine particulate matter (PM0.36) in Augsburg, Germany: Seasonal variability and source apportionment
Li, F.; Schnelle-Kreis, J.; Cyrys, J.; Karg, E.; Gu, J.; Abbaszade, G.; Orasche, J.; Peters, A.; Zimmermann, R.
Journal Article
2018Partitioning of PCBs from air to clothing materials in a Danish apartment
Morrison, G.C.; Andersen, H.V.; Gunnarsen, L.; Varol, D.; Uhde, E.; Kolarik, B.
Journal Article
2018Report on the seismic performance of three-dimensional moment-resisting timber frames with frictional damping in beam-to-column connections
Polocoser, T.; Leimcke, J.; Kasal, B.
Journal Article
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