Veneer peeling line and steam chamber

Location: Braunschweig (headquarters)

Das Foto zeigt eine etwa mannshohe Maschine, aus der eine etwa 1 Meter breite Holzfurnierbahn über Rollen herausläuft.
© Fraunhofer WKI | Manuela Lingnau

At the Fraunhofer WKI, we are able to produce laminated materials made from wood on a pilot plant scale. The individual steps are the steaming or boiling of tree trunks at widely-differing temperatures, the peeling of veneers of different thicknesses, veneer drying and pressing to form the finished product. Through specific alteration of the production parameters, we can better understand their influences and are therefore able to perform reproducible tests. The range of services is available for both publicly-funded projects and industrial customers.

For example, we are investigating various aspects concerning the production and application possibilities of laminated materials from deciduous trees. Materials on the basis of veneers are an interesting building material, in particular for the construction sector, as due to their low lamellar thickness and low density, they possess a high strength. Furthermore, they are particularly effective as the ratio of the usable raw timber mass (raw material efficiency) to the adhesive requirement is very favorable. Through the possibility of continuous production of the materials, the manufacture is very economical. The increasing supply of indigenous deciduous trees means that these are also becoming increasingly important for the production of laminated materials.

Steam chamber

Dimensions Internal volume LxBxH: 2x1x1 m³
  Type of construction mobile
Steaming parameters Temperature range 20 – 95 °C
  Steaming / boiling indirect
  Heating electric
  Operation pressureless

Veneer peeling line

Manufacturer Raute Corporation
Peeling block parameters Length 1270 – 1650 mm
  Diameter max. 600 mm
Peeling parameters Veneer width 1220 – 1600 mm
  Residual reel min. 65 mm
  Veneer thickness from 0.1 to 5 mm, infinitely variable
  Peeling speed max. 250 m/min
  Blade angle 19° and 21°
© Fraunhofer WKI | Robert Briesemeister
Trunks in the steam chamber
© Fraunhofer WKI | Robert Briesemeister
The peeled veneer prior to further use
© Fraunhofer WKI | Peter Meinlschmidt
Gluing of the veneer