Center for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA®

The Fraunhofer WKI's ”Center for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA®” is located on the campus of the Technische Universität Braunschweig. At the ZELUBA®, we focus on research and development of light and hybrid materials and structural elements including their environmental and fire performance.


About 1700 square meters of laboratories and offices are available to support our research activities.

The structural testing laboratory is equipped with a shaking table (MTS 1.5 m Uniaxial Seismic Simulator), along with a state-of-the-art optical DIC system. Additional equipment includes an electrodynamic shaker, a large pendulum test stand for impact experiments, climate chambers, a test frame for the investigation of the load-bearing and deformation behavior of components, and other equipment. In addition, diverse testing devices for material analysis and testing are available, including atomic force microscopes (AFM), a large-force (6000 N) dynamic mechanical thermal analysis instrument (DMTA) for the testing of heterogeneous materials, and other specialized equipment.

Detailed overview of the technical equipment at the ZELUBA®

Future-oriented building

Correspondent to the research at the ZELUBA®, the focus during the planning phase was directed at a modular construction method and the utilization of renewable raw resources in combination with conventional materials.

© ARGE ZELUBA [Architekten DGI Bauwerk / schneider+schumacher]
Image montage: Design concept for the new ZELUBA® building (graphic representation) with visible single-bay timber structure (photograph).
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Structural testing laboratory

The testing laboratory is a single-bay timber structure braced by steel elements and cables.



Office and laboratory building

The three-story building is a hybrid construction of reinforced concrete and laminated timber. This future-oriented construction method combines the advantages of the two materials in an efficient way. The building provides spaces for staff, meeting rooms and laboratories.




A filigree reinforced concrete structure connects the structural testing laboratory with the office and laboratory building. The main entrance to the ZELUBA® building and a seminar room are located here.

Construction of the shell (Video)

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