Damage analysis

Research topic

The fast and indisputable clarification of damage to coated wood, wood bondings, wood-based materials and solid wood requires a combination of practical experience and special scientific procedures. For damage analyses, we implement specialized scientific-forensic methods and further develop them continuously. With our expertise, we support companies, assessors and courts worldwide in the clarification of cases of damage.

© Fraunhofer WKI | Manuela Lingnau
Wissenschaftler des Fraunhofer WKI bei der mikroskopischen Untersuchung einer Verklebung

Through our research activities, our comprehensive expertise in wood and wood-based materials research and our participation on technical committees and in standardization bodies, we ensure that we are always up-to-date. We are therefore in a position to clarify cases of damage for which no definitive result can be expected with the usual standard procedures.

More frequently detected damage characteristics are regularly analyzed in greater depth within the framework of our research projects. We make the findings of such projects available to the public.

Examples for international damage analyses

  • Brazil: Production processes in wood-based materials facilities
  • China: Coating damage on furniture
  • Denmark: Yellow discoloration of white coatings
  • England: Coating of wood paneling in a swimming pool
  • France: Cracks in decorative papers
  • Ireland: Damage to veneers due to fire-protection coating
  • Italy: Damage to HPL in interior fittings for ships
  • Canada: Damage to room doors
  • Mozambique: Termite infestation on masts
  • Netherlands: Stains on molded-wood furniture
  • Netherlands: Damage to plywood for truck floors
  • Poland: Paint damage on wooden windows
  • Saudi Arabia: Wooden spacers for high-voltage lines
  • Switzerland: Discoloration of WPC
  • Spain: Stains on MDF
  • South Africa: Window coatings