Technology for Wood and Natural Fiber-Based Materials


Here you will find current publications resulting from the research work carried out by our department. All publications made by the Fraunhofer WKI in trade journals and conference proceedings (since 1980) are recorded in the database “Fraunhofer-Publica”. Furthermore, all articles from a particular year are listed in our Annual Report.

Current publications of our department

2021Characterisation of hardwood fibres used for wood fibre insulation boards (WFIB)
Imken, Arne A.P.; Plinke, Burkhard; Mai, Carsten
2021Development and processing of continuous flax and carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites by a modified material extrusion process
Kuschmitz, Sebastian; Schirp, Arne; Busse, Johannes; Watschke, Hagen; Schirp, Claudia; Vietor, Thomas
2021Durability of flame-retarded, co-extruded profiles based on high-density polyethylene and wheat straw residues
Schirp, Arne; Dannenberg, Jan
2021Geopolymer as a multifunctional mineral binder to produce laminated veneer lumber: Effect of various aluminosilicate powder types on panels and geopolymer binder features
Allahverdipoorazar, Farzaneh; Shalbafan, Ali; Berthold, Dirk
2021Influence of compounding conditions, treatment of wood particles with fire‑retardants and artificial weathering on properties of wood‑polymer composites for façade applications
Schirp, Arne; Schwarz, Benjamin
2021Innovative concepts for the usage of veneer-based hybrid materials in vehicle structures
Heyner, David Benjamin; Piazza, Giovanni; Beeh, Elmar; Seidel, Georg; Friedrich, Horst E.; Kohl, Daniel; Nguyen, Hoa; Burgold, Claudia; Berthold, Dirk
2021Online pre-treatment of thermomechanical pulp with emulsified maleated polypropylene for processing of extruded thermoplastic composites
Schirp, Arne; Schirp, Claudia
2021TOF-SIMS molecular imaging and properties of pMDI-bonded particleboards made from cup-plant and wood
Klimek, Petr; Wimmer, Rupert; Meinlschmidt, Peter
2021Wood foam and textile reinforced concrete in sandwich elements and self-supporting modules to modernize intermediate ceilings in old-building renovation
Wisner, Gregor; Bunzel, Frauke; Sydow, Steffen; Stammen, Elisabeth; Dilger, Klaus
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