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Here you will find current publications resulting from the research work carried out by our department. All publications made by the Fraunhofer WKI in trade journals and conference proceedings (since 1980) are recorded in the database “Fraunhofer-Publica”. Furthermore, all articles from a particular year are listed in our Annual Report.

Current publications of our department

2019 / 2020

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020Behavior of adhesively bonded engineered wood - wood chip concrete composite decks: Experimental and analytical studies
Fu, Qiuni; Yan, Libo; Ning, Ting; Wang, Bo; Kasal, Bohumil
Journal Article
2020Interfacial bond behavior between wood chip concrete and engineered timber glued by various adhesives
Fu, Q.; Yan, L.; Ning, T.; Wang, B.; Kasal, B.
Journal Article
2020Mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete modified by nano-particles
Gao, Chang; Huang, Liang; Yan, Libo; Jin, Ruoyu; Chen, Haoze
Journal Article
2020Sustainable green technology for recovery of cotton fibers and polyester from textile waste
Yousef, Samy; Tatariants, Maksym; Tichonovas, Martynas; Kliucininkas, Linas; Lukošiūtė, Stasè-Irena; Yan, Libo
Journal Article
2019Adopting recycled aggregates as sustainable construction materials: A review of the scientific literature
Chen, W.; Jin, R.; Xu, Y.; Wanatowski, D.; Li, B.; Yan, L.; Pan, Z.; Yang, Y.
Journal Article
2019Defining and testing a safety cognition framework incorporating safety hazard perception
Han, Y.; Yin, Z.; Liu, J.; Jin, R.; Gidado, K.; Painting, N.; Yang, Y.; Yan, L.
Journal Article
2019Flax, basalt, E-glass FRP and their hybrid FRP strengthened wood beams: An experimental study
Wang, B.; Bachtiar, E.V.; Yan, L.; Kasal, B.; Fiore, V.
Journal Article
2019Glimmverhalten von Dämmstoffen aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
Kolb, T.; Zobel, A.; Northe, C.; Schwenke, T.
Journal Article
2019Holzbau im Einfluss des Klimawandels - Entwicklung von Strategien zur Sicherung der Gebrauchstauglichkeit. Schlussbericht: Laufzeit des Vorhabens: 01.06.2017 bis 31.12.2018
Ameri, S.; Rüther, N.; Bühler, J.; Niedermeyer, J.
2019Hygrothermal risk analysis of recently constructed timber buildings exposed to outdoor climate changes by the end of the century in Germany
Ameri, S.; Rüther, N.
Conference Paper
2019Repeatability of atomic force microscopy measurements of wood cell surface
Kasal, Bohumil; Li, Juan
2019A science mapping approach based review of construction safety research
Jin, R.; Zou, P.X.W.; Piroozfar, P.; Wood, H.; Yang, Y.; Yan, L.; Han, Y.
Journal Article
2019Strength and ductility improvement of recycled aggregate concrete by polyester FRP-PVC tube confinement
Gao, C.; Huang, L.; Yan, L.; Jin, R.; Kasal, B.
Journal Article
2019Thermal stability, fire performance, and mechanical properties of natural fibre fabric-reinforced polymer composites with different fire retardants
Bachtiar, E.V.; Kurkowiak, K.; Yan, L.; Kasal, B.; Kolb, T.
Journal Article
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