Application Center for Wood Fiber Research HOFZET

Technical Equipment

At the location in Hanover, the HOFZET, in cooperation with the Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, operates a technical center - built in 2016 - as well as diverse laboratories focusing on the fields of plastic and fiber-composite technology. As a member of the Fraunhofer Project Centre Wolfsburg, we operate further facilities on the lightweight-construction campus Open Hybrid LabFactory in Wolfsburg.


Composite materials

  • Production of thermosetting and thermoplastic (bio) composite materials
  • Vacuum infusion facility incl. accessories
  • Presses for organic sheets
  • Facilities for the manual surface modification of yarns and woven fabrics as well as individual fibers
  • Double-rapier weaving machine with Jacquard technology for the manufacture of single and multi-layer technical textiles
  • Fiber spraying facility
  • Diamond sample saw  
  • CNC milling machine 



  • Extrusion technology center with throughput of 2-200 kg/h
  • Extruder ZE34 incl. extensive peripherals
  • Extruder ZE42
  • Extruder ZE18
  • Strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing


Injection molding 

  • Injection molding technology center with machines of 50 to 320 tonnes clamping force
  • Injection molding machine KM50
  • Injection molding machine KM160 
  • Two-component injection molding machine Arburg 720 S 3200 - 800 / 170 incl. handling system (KUKA robot)



  • Roller mill
  • Pyrolysis facility


Material analysis and testing

  • Computer tomography of test samples up to 500 mm diameter
  • In situ CT (e.g. 4-point bending test)
  • Fiber analytics and characterization (incl. Fibershape)
  • Rheology (MFR/MVR, high-pressure capillary rheometer)
  • Microscopy (diverse light-optical microscopes, scanning electron microscope, 3D digital microscope)
  • Elemental analysis (EDX)
  • Mechanical testing laboratory (incl. tensile, pressure and bending tests)
  • Temperature and climate testing