Application Center for Wood Fiber Research HOFZET®

Technical Equipment

The Fraunhofer WKI offers extensive technical equipment for research and development. The following equipment is mainly used for the work of the Application Center HOFZET®.


Composite materials

Production of thermosetting and thermoplastic (bio) composite materials


Plastics Technology Center

Extruders with throughputs of 2 to 200 kg/h

  • Extruder ZE 34 incl. extensive peripherals
  • Extruder ZE 42 Basic
  • Extruder ZSK 18 MEGAlab
  • Strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing


Injection molding machines with 50 to 320 tonnes clamping force


Blow molding of hollow bodies for small series production

  • Small blow molding machine with an article volume of up to approx. 10 to 40 ml



  • Roller mill Xtra2 Wanner
  • Three-zone split tube furnace HZS 12/-/900E/E30 Carbolite Gero for pyrolysis
  • Test sieves for fractionation


Material analysis and testing

Mechanical testing laboratory

  • Universal testing machine Zwick/Roell Z100
  • Universal testing machine Zwick/Roell Z020
  • Tabletop test instrument Zwick/Roell Z2,5 TN zwicki-Line
  • Pendulum impact testing machine Zwick/Roell HIT25P


Thermal and rheological testing laboratory with weathering

  • HDT and Vicat testing system CEAST HV500 Instron
  • Dynamic-mechanical analysis DMA 242 E Artemis Netzsch
  • DSC 204 F1 Phoenix Netzsch
  • MFR/MVR plastometer Zwick/Roell Mflow
  • High-pressure capillary rheometer Rheograph 25 Göttfert
  • Flow spiral
  • Climate change cabinet ARS-1100 ESPEC
  • UV rapid-weathering device


Imaging procedures and optical analytics


Additional testing equipment

  • Contact angle measuring device and tensiometer DCAT 21
  • Moisture determination with Aquatrac + and Aquatrac-3E
  • Density determination with electronic analysis scales EL204/01
  • Microtome
  • FTIR-Spectrometer TENSOR II