Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research
Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI

New: Veneer peeling machine and steam chamber

We are now able to produce laminated materials made from wood on a pilot plant scale. In a number of new research projects, we are currently developing procedures for the efficient production of laminated materials from deciduous trees with improved characteristics.

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Cracks in melamine resin surfaces

We are identifying the significant parameters in order to achieve adequate crack resistance in melamine resin-impregnated papers and are thereby developing appropriate testing methods.

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CeluPack – Pressure-resistant packaging material made from pure lignocellulose

We are developing a climate-friendly packaging material made primarily from residual agricultural materials such as corn cobs and other lignocellulose-based materials such as wood. It can be recycled together with cardboard secondary packaging.

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Center for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures

The Fraunhofer WKI and the TU Braunschweig are, in collaboration with the industry, developing hybrid lightweight building systems on the basis of renewable raw materials for use in multi-storey building construction. A new building for the Center on the campus of the TU Braunschweig is in planning.

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Fraunhofer Project Centre Wolfsburg

Together with two further Fraunhofer institutes, the Fraunhofer WKI is developing system solutions for the series production of resource-saving and cost-effective lightweight components for the automotive industry.

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research specializes in process technology, natural-fiber composites, wood protection and emission control, quality assurance of wood products, recycling procedures and the use of organic building materials and wood in construction. Almost all the procedures and materials which result from the research activities at the Institute are used industrially. We operate worldwide and work project-related with research institutions and industrial partners, e. g. with companies from the wood and furniture industries, the construction industry, the chemical and the automotive industry.


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Press release / 3.11.2016

Workshop "Low-emission building products and residential health"

From February 22nd to 23rd 2017, low-emission building products and their influence on residential health will form the focus of a workshop in Braunschweig. The Fraunhofer WKI as organizer expects around 100 participants from industry, associations and research institutes, who will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas concerning interior hygiene.


Anniversary celebration for the European Wood-based Panel Symposium in Hamburg a complete success

More than 310 participants from 34 countries met at the trade meeting for the wood-based materials and supplier industry and made the conference a complete success.


70th anniversary of the Fraunhofer WKI

On 15th June, 2016 at the research and experience center “Paläon” in Schöningen, around 170 guests celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research and the iVTH e.V. In 1946, Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Klauditz founded the “Versuchs- und Beratungsstelle für technische Holznutzung des Vereins für Technische Holzfragen e.V.” (Testing and Consultation Center for Technical Wood Utilization of the Association for Technical Issues related to Wood e.V.) in Braunschweig. Today, more than 140 employees carry out research on the sustainable use of renewable resources.


Fraunhofer WKI at “Woche der Umwelt”

German President Joachim Gauck and the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) invite guests to visit the fifth "Woche der Umwelt" in the park of Schloss Bellevue. With the help of an interactive exhibit, the experts from the specialist department Material Analysis and Indoor Chemistry at the Fraunhofer WKI will be presenting the internet platform IAQIP as well as research projects into sensory perception of emissions from building products.

Events and Fairs


Composites Europe

29th November - 1st Dezember 2016


BAU 2017

January 16 - 21, 2017


International Green Week – nature.tec

January 20 - 29, 2017


Emissionsarme Bauprodukte und Wohngesundheit

February 22 - 23, 2017


JEC World

March 14 - 16, 2017



May 9 - 12, 2017



May 16 - 19, 2017


LIGNA 2017

May 22 - 26, 2017

Current Publications


Annual Report 2015

Itaconic acid

Critical review »Itaconic acid – a versatile building block for renewable polyesters with enhanced functionality« by Dr. Stefan Friebel and Dr. Tobias Robert has been published in »Green Chemistry«.

Sensory evaluation of construction products

The Final Report and a publication in the journal "INDOOR AIR" are now available online.



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Application Center for Wood Fiber Research HOFZET

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Fraunhofer Project Centre Wolfsburg

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Center for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA

The Fraunhofer WKI is building a »Centre for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA« at the TU Braunschweig campus.