Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research
Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI specializes in process technology, natural-fiber composites, surface technology, wood protection and emission control, quality assurance of wood products, recycling procedures and the use of organic building materials and wood in construction. Almost all the procedures and materials which result from the research activities at the Institute are used industrially. We operate worldwide and work project-related with research institutions and industrial partners, e. g. with companies from the wood and furniture industries, the construction industry, the chemical and the automotive industry.


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Press release / 12.7.2022

New head of ZELUBA®

Since July 1, 2022, Professor Libo Yan (PhD) has been the Head of the Center for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA® at the Fraunhofer WKI. The expert for the research areas “Hybrid Material Systems” as well as “Organic Building Materials and Wood-Based Materials” replaces Institute Director Professor Dr.-Ing. Bohumil Kasal, who had taken over the department management on a provisional basis. 


Press release / 30.6.2022

75 years: Fraunhofer WKI celebrates anniversary

Around 50 guests celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Fraunhofer WKI on 30th June 2022 at the new research location “Center for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA®”. The guests from politics, research and industry were provided with exclusive insights into research practice.


Press note / 29.6.2022

Podcast with Professor Bohumil Kasal

For 75 years, the Fraunhofer WKI has been researching resource- and climate-friendly materials. In the current episode of the Fraunhofer podcast series “Experience research – Listen to the future”, the institute director Professor Bohumil Kasal talks about the history, current projects and future challenges of the institute.


Press release / 18.5.2022

Floating islands

A project team consisting of researchers from the Fraunhofer WKI and two designers has developed floating islands which can carry plants and which are made from a bio-lightweight material. Through this project, a new form of green space will be created in the city: valuable biotopes, recreational spaces and meeting places on the water. Interested parties can help to plant and launch the islands on 1st June 2022.

Events and Fairs


Online seminar

Air purifiers

September 20, 2022



Focus course

Bonding in wooden construction

September 26 to 28, 2022



12th European Wood-based Panel Symposium

October 12 to 14, 2022

Hamburg, Germany


Trade fair

K 2022

October 19 to 26, 2022

Düsseldorf, Germany

Wilhelm Klauditz Fellowship

The Wilhelm Klauditz Fellowship is a scholarship in the field of applied wood research and is announced annually. It is aimed to senior-level faculty eligible for sabbatical leave who want to pursue world-class research at the Fraunhofer WKI. 



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Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research
Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI

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