Binders and Coatings

Technical Equipment

Coating laboratory with diverse application procedures and paint-drying facilities

  • FANUC paint robots (flow-coating, airless, airmix and electrostatic)
  • Bürkle roller coating machine
  • Automatic film applicator
  • Diverse paint-spraying devices (airless, airmix)
  • Combinable UV/IR convection dryer
  • UV laboratory dryer

3D printers

  • UV printer: Moai 130 SLA 3D printer from Peopoly (13 x 13 x 18 cm, 405 nm, 70-micron laser )
  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF): Ultimaker 2+
  • Filament extruder from 3devo for the production of filaments; wood-filled polymers can also be processed
  • Mini-compounder KETSE 12/36 from Brabender® (screw diameter 12 mm) for compounding small quantities of polymers and additives, incorporating fillers, mixing and reinforcing with fibers, production simulation and scale-up; also suitable for at least 60% wood flour with a polymer carrier 

Natural and artificial weathering

Natural weathering

  • Weathering station (45° and 90° south, 90° north) e.g. in accordance with DIN EN 927, EN ISO 2810 and ISO 16053
  • Weather station

Artificial weathering

  • QUV/spray device, e.g. in accordance with DIN EN 927-6, ASTM D-4587 and ISO 11507
  • Xenon flatbed device SUNTEST XXL+ from Atlas in accordance with DIN EN 4892-2, DIN EN ISO 11341, DIN EN 15187, VW PV 3929 und VW PV 3930
  • Sun tester, e.g. in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-1, DIN EN ISO 4892-2

Instrumental analytics

  • ATR-FT/IR spectrometer
  • UV-VIS spectrometer
  • Rotation rheometer (viscosity, rheology)
  • Particle-size measuring device, zeta potential
  • Tensiometer
  • Gradient kiln for determination of the minimum film-forming temperature
  • Reflected light, transmitted light and fluorescence microscopes
  • FTIR microscope

Mechanical analysis

  • Material testing machine Z010 from Zwick® with tempering chamber
  • DMA thermal analysis (incl. modulus of elasticity, loss modulus, glass transition temperature)

Devices and testing equipment

  • Color- and gloss-measurement device color-guide-gloss from BYK®, in accordance with ISO 7724
  • Gloss-measurement device micro-TRI-gloss from BYK®, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2813
  • Adhesion Tester from DeFelsko®
  • Ultrasonic measuring device from DeFelsko® for non-destructive layer-thickness measurement
  • Climatic and drying chambers