The Institute in Figures


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In the reporting period, the Fraunhofer WKI employed around 175 staff, 30 percent of whom were scientists, engineers and doctoral students. 70 percent of the employees come from the professional fields of technology, laboratory, administration and information technology. In addition, bachelor and master students and student assistants are employed to support the staff research work carried out at the institute.

The Fraunhofer WKI offers apprenticeships in the fields of IT specialist, office communication, and industrial and wood mechanics, as well as in the area of media and information services.

Revenue structure

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In 2022, a total of 13.5 million euros in external income was realized. Just over 40 percent of the Fraunhofer WKI’s income is financed through industrial contracts; 6.8 million euros was generated through public funding within our research projects.

Budget & Investments

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In the reporting year 2022, the operating budget was just over 16.5 million euros.

Personnel expenses amounted to 11.8 million euros, while material costs totaled 4.7 million euros.

The investment budget amounted to a total of 0.8 million euros.