The Institute in Figures


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In 2016, around 155 employees were engaged at the Fraunhofer WKI, approx. 40 percent of whom were scientists, engineers and postgraduate students. Technical and commercial staff, as well as undergraduates and student assistants, also support the research activities at the Institute. The opportunity of training in the career sectors of information technology, office communication, industrial and wood mechanics as well as in media and information services was utilized by 15 young employees.


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In total, almost 12.3 million euros of external income were realized in 2016. This enables the Fraunhofer WKI to once again continue the above-average results trend of recent years. With consistent very good economic returns, the Fraunhofer WKI succeeded in increasing public revenues by 36 percent to 4.4 million euros in 2016. From this, 65 percent of the renevues were generated directly from projects with the industry. 35 percent of the income was realized with the help of public funding bodies.


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In 2016, the operating budget stood at 14.4 million euros. Personnel expenses thereby rose by a good 10 percent to 9.3 million euros. Non-personnel expenses accounted for a 35 percent share of the operating budget, amounting to 5.1 million euros. The investment budget increased by almost 200 percent in 2016 and amounted in total to 2.9 million euros. The proportion of normal investments thereby amounted to 2 million euros; 500,000 euros were financed through funds for strategic investments and 400,000 euros from project funds.