Center for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA®


Building physics

  • Natural and artificial weathering of constructions on various scales
  • Numerical weathering simulations
  • Climate analyses
  • Hygro-thermal component behavior
  • Heat transmission detection on wooden components
  • Deformation behavior of wooden components in differential climates
  • Building thermography
  • Radiometric material moisture determination
  • Hygro-thermal material characteristics
  • Evaluation and optimization of constructive wood preservation

Fire protection

  • Development of reactive systems for the improvement of building material behavior and fire resistance
  • Development of detailed solutions
  • Development of new materials and materials with improved fire protection properties 


  • Load-bearing capacity of wooden components and connectors
  • Material characteristic values
  • Shearing load
  • Dynamic load simulation, impact loading

Testing, monitoring and certification tasks (TMC)

Further tasks within the department include examinations concerning the issuing of general building authority approvals for timber constructions as well as the monitoring of manufacturers of wooden houses. In this, the Fraunhofer WKI is acknowledged by the supreme building inspectorate as a testing, monitoring and certification body and is furthermore also active for private-law quality associations from the prefabricated building industry and the carpentry sector. The task spectrum is rounded off by the preparation of experts’ reports on constructions. These include the evaluation of newly-developed components or building materials made from wood as well as new fields of application and the assessment of structural damage.