Online Seminar  /  April 20, 2021, 3.00 – 4.00 pm

Innovative bonding technique simplifies the utilization of wood-concrete composite elements in the construction industry

An innovative bonding technique enables high-performance wood-concrete composite elements (WCC elements) to be produced more quickly and easily. Through a new joining technique, the composite elements become more competitive compared to concrete-only elements.

WCC elements can be implemented in multi-story building construction, for example as floor elements. Compared to concrete-only and wood-only construction, they offer numerous advantages as a result of the combination of their respective specific compressive and tensile strengths. Disadvantages of wood-concrete composite elements arise due to the joining techniques used up until now: through screw connections, which is very time-consuming, or through the pouring of fresh concrete onto the wooden components, which results in a longer construction time. In many cases, this makes WCC elements uncompetitive compared to concrete-only construction methods. In order to rectify this, researchers at the Fraunhofer WKI, in collaboration with project partners, have developed a new rapid-bonding technique. It is a reliable, fast and simple joining technique for the assembly of WCC elements at the construction site and for prefabrication in the factory.


About the event series »WKI-Webinar«

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