Recycling of rotor blades in order to recover balsa wood and plastic foam for the insulation materials production

ReRoBalsa – Project start /

Wind turbines are producing increasing quantities of sustainable electricity. The recycling of the rotor blades, however, is very complicated and expensive, due to the highly stable shell made from glass fiber-reinforced composite plastic. Rotor blades have therefore usually been burned up until now. This, however, is also problematic, as the fiber-reinforced plastics clump together during combustion and can thereby block and damage conventional waste incineration plants. Furthermore, valuable raw materials are lost in vast quantities during combustion. The main objective of this research project is therefore the development of an innovative recycling technology for the recovery of balsa wood and plastic foam from the rotor blades. In addition, we are developing innovative recycling technologies for these recyclates, in order to utilize them in the production of new, improved insulation and building materials.

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