Bio-based, switchable adhesives for re-formable wooden and wood-metal bonded laminates for use in the mobility sector

AdHoMe – Project start /

Lightweight cars, trucks and trains made from renewable raw materials can contribute towards the protection of resources and the climate. As a joining technology for the production of lightweight components, adhesive bonding offers particular advantages and is therefore increasingly gaining in importance. In collaboration with research and industry partners, we are developing a bio-based, switchable PU adhesive for large surfaces. This should enable the production of panel-shaped laminated materials made from wood or wood and metal, which are not formed into 3D components until a later stage in the process chain. This opens up new possibilities for the flexible, economically efficient production of sustainable lightweight vehicles as well as for repair purposes and recycling. The special feature: Thanks to the re-detachable adhesive bond, it should be possible to separate the wood and metal according to type and with as little damage as possible.

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