Energy-efficient production of complexly shaped, multifunctional and recyclable lightweight-construction products made from wood and bioplastics by means of automated molding machines

HyLight – Project start /

Hybrid lightweight-construction materials made from renewable raw resources are increasingly gaining importance on the market. With such materials, resource- and climate-friendly products can be manufactured that fulfill several functions - for example, load-bearing construction products with integrated thermal and sound insulation as well as durable (upholstered) furniture and packaging. Efficient component geometries enable substantial weight savings with simultaneous high mechanical stability. In collaboration with research and industry partners, we are developing a process for the manufacture of complexly shaped products made from wood or agricultural materials and bioplastics by means of automated molding machines. One important component of the material and technology development is furthermore the highest possible material recyclability of the products after the end of the first period of use.

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