Sustainable beech-wood fiber insulation materials as flexible insulation mats and for the filling of thermal-insulation bricks for the construction industry

Beech-wood insulation – Project start /

Flexible wood-fiber mats are ideally suited for the thermal insulation of buildings - for example as between-rafter insulation or as a filling material for thermal-insulation bricks. Until now, wood-fiber insulation materials have been manufactured primarily from softwood. As a result of climate change, this will be available in significantly smaller quantities in the future. In order to secure the raw-material base for wood-fiber insulation materials and to expand their application potential, we are working in collaboration with industrial partners on the development of insulation mats and novel wood-foam granules made from beech-wood fibers. The project objective is the establishment of a pilot plant for material production. In this way, we are creating a sustainable perspective for the construction industry as well as a high-quality utilization possibility for beech wood, which will be increasingly available in the future due to climate-related forest restructuring. In order to exploit the resource “beech wood” even more efficiently, it would also be conceivable to utilize the new wood-foam granules as a filler for transport packaging.

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