Public participatory action & info event  /  June 21, 2022, From 11 a.m.

Project “Green Water”: Public launch of 16 floating islands in the Bleichenfleet in Hamburg

The Fleete (canals) of Hamburg's inner city were once full of life. Today, they are mainly unused and lacking in vegetation. In cooperation with the design studio “morgen.” we are developing floating islands which can carry plants and which are made from a robust and lightweight bio-recycling material. Through this project, a new form of green space will be created in the city: valuable biotopes, recreational spaces and meeting places on the water. 

The project team is organizing a public participatory action at Hamburg's Bleichenfleet, where 16 floating islands will be planted and launched together. Join in and lend a hand!

Attention! The public participatory action has been postponed to June, 21.