Online Seminar  /  09/24/2019, 3.00 – 4.00 pm

Webinar 53: Effectively accelerating weathering of exterior wood coatings

The development of weather-resistant coatings requires time-consuming outdoor weathering, the results of which allow a reliable statement to be made about the service life. Already in the early 20th century, intensive work was carried out on the development of accelerated, artificial weathering of materials and its correlation with outdoor weathering. In the case of plastic and metal coatings, the methods developed already correlate very well with the results of outdoor weathering. To date, there are only a few rudimentary approaches for wood coatings.

This webinar introduces a novel approach to accelerated artificial weathering of wood coatings. The results obtained so far allow promising predictions to be made about the life cycle of exterior wood coatings.