Online Seminar  /  July 14, 2020, 3.00 – 4.00 pm

Basic chemicals and carbon from old bakery products


The event has been postponed to July 14, 2020.

In Germany, up to 100,000 tonnes of old bakery products accumulate every year which are primarily used to generate energy as they are not suitable for human consumption or as animal fodder. In cooperation with the University of Hohenheim, we are developing a process for the material recycling of regionally available old bakery products.

The aim of our research project is the extraction of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) - a promising bio basic chemical (“platform chemical”). From HMF, furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) can be extracted, which is the starting material for the bio-plastic polyethylene furanoate (PEF). PEF can be used, for example, to produce reusable bottles, which are a sustainable alternative to the PET bottles commonly used up until now. 

The carbon produced as a by-product in the conversion process can be utilized as bio-fuel or soil fertilizer, thereby making the material recycling of old bakery products even more attractive.

In this Webinar, we will present in detail the key role that HMF plays in the production of bio-plastics and in the development of a bio-based economy.