#WeKnowWood: Fraunhofer WKI presents innovative hybrid building materials at LIGNA 2023

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With the highlight “Multi-material model Wall I Ceiling I Roof”, the researchers from the Fraunhofer WKI are presenting no less than eight innovations for the construction industry. At LIGNA 2023, they will furthermore be demonstrating additional possibilities for incorporating renewable raw materials – such as balsa wood, hardwood or natural fibers – into future-oriented applications. These include a bicycle and pedestrian bridge made from laminated material, and a bio-based stand-up paddleboard. The Fraunhofer WKI is sharing a joint stand with the International Association for Technical Issues Related to Wood (iVTH) in Hall 26, Stand B78.

The 3D computer graphic shows a corner of a room with a cross-section of wall, ceiling and floor. The different building materials are marked with numbers from 1 to 8.
© Fraunhofer WKI | Manuela Lingnau
Graphical visualization of the multi-material model.

“Multi-material model Wall I Ceiling I Roof”

The highlight this year is the “Multi-material model Wall I Ceiling I Roof”. From the floor, through the walls, and on to the roof, the exhibit combines eight innovations for the future of construction.

  1. Ceiling system modules made from modular, prefabricated small panels comprised of wooden or wood-concrete elements for a mosaic-style coffered ceiling
  2. Wall made from thermal-insulation bricks filled with novel insulating materials on the basis of beech-wood fibers
  3. Interior-wall cladding consisting of a selection of OSB, plywood and particle board made from various types of wood, manufactured in part with formaldehyde-free bio-adhesives
  4. Ceiling beams made from laminated veneer lumber as a demonstrator for the utilization of the climate-resilient wood species Scots pine
  5. Glued laminated timber beams for the ceiling construction made from the “future-wood” pine
  6. Flax-wood hybrid system as ceiling beams
  7. Wooden cladding which has been treated with extremely UV- and weather-resistant transparent varnish for outdoor use
  8. Wall made from robinia veneer - the species of wood with the highest durability class of European wood species: Usable in exterior applications without further wood-protection measures


The Fraunhofer WKI develops application possibilities for the raw material wood for various industrial sectors. Examples for the mobility industry include a multicopter with veneered laminated materials, and a wooden crash barrier for use in road traffic. For the watersports industry, researchers will be presenting a stand-up paddleboard made from a lightweight-construction sandwich element which incorporates renewable raw materials. For the construction sector, the Fraunhofer WKI is presenting a bicycle and pedestrian bridge made from sustainable laminated materials. Also on display is a mechanical-climatic rapid-aging process for structural wood-based materials. 


The Fraunhofer WKI will be presenting industry-oriented fire-protection solutions for wood and wood-based materials as well as novel bio-composites. Furthermore, the researchers will be demonstrating their expertise in the field of the testing of adhesives and bonded components for load-bearing and non-load-bearing timber-construction applications.

Experience us live at LIGNA 2023

The Fraunhofer WKI will be presenting its innovations in Hall 26, Stand B 78. Co-exhibitor is the International Association for Technical Issues Related to Wood (iVTH).

LIGNA is the world's leading trade fair for tools, machinery and equipment for woodworking and wood processing and will be held in Hanover from 15th to 19th May 2023. 

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