Formaldehyde-free bio adhesives made from lignin, sugar derivatives and humins for wood-based panel production

AdLigno – Project start /

Wood-based materials such as particle board, OSB, plywood or fiber materials (MDF, HDF) are utilized in large quantities as sustainable building materials in the construction industry and in furniture manufacture. They are also used in vehicle construction and could play a much more significant role in the future. In their production, phenol-formaldehyde resins, amongst other substances, are added as binders (adhesives). These resins are harmful to health and are based on fossil raw materials. In collaboration with a research partner from Argentina, we are developing a bio adhesive that is not hazardous to health. For the production, regionally available production residues can be utilized. As a result, we are creating a sustainable and economically attractive solution for the production of wood-based materials.

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