Veneer materials and 3D molded parts on the basis of large-dimension pine wood for load-bearing applications in the construction and automotive industries

KiefernStolz – Project start /

After the Second World War, many pine trees were planted in Northern Germany, which are now becoming ready for felling at relatively the same time. As not all the trees can be felled, processed and marketed in one go, considerable quantities of pine wood with large trunk diameters will be available in the future (large-dimension pine wood). In addition, pine copes better with climate change than spruce and other native tree species and is therefore regarded as a tree of the future. This results in a variety of consequences for the utilization strategies and value chains of the forestry and wood-based-materials industries. In collaboration with two research partners, we will analyze this holistically and develop decision-making aids. Our focus at the Fraunhofer WKI is directed at the development of multi-layer composite materials made from large-dimension pine wood for load-bearing purposes. We thereby want to open up the widest possible field of application with high revenue potential for pine - particularly in the construction and automotive industries.

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